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    Why MediBubbler?

    #1 Water Filter: 

    The water filters out harmful substances and prevents them from hurting you.  The water also adds moisture and makes the experience less dry compared to a regular glass bubbler.


    #2 Removable Glass Mouthpiece:

    The mouthpiece (neck) is removable so this makes cleaning very easy and can be switched out with a different mouth piece.  This also increases sanitation when using with other people.  


    #3 Removable Glass Slide:

    The glass slide is removable all though the bubbler can be used without removing it.  A removable piece also makes cleaning easy and allows for more airflow if you are looking for additional ventilation when using.


    #4 Convenient Carb: 

    There is a carb at the top of every bubbler for even MORE airflow.  This carb is easily plugged with your finger. 


    #5 Inline Percolator: 

    The glass slide has an inline percolator that has 7 holes so airflow is maximized.  This guarantees that you have a smooth experience, decreases the pressure required to make the water bubble, and increases air/liquid surface area. 


    #6 Bubble Shape: 

    Each piece features an artistic bubble design.  The bubble shape is an omen to good fortune.